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Teaching Assistant at the Imaging Structure and Function in the nervous system (CSHL, NY, 2017 and 2018)

Designed, taught and evaluated a graduate course on cellular and systems neuroscience (Adelphi University, Garden city, NY, USA, 2016)

Teaching Assistant at the Transylvania Experimental Neuroscience Summer School (Pike Lake, Romania, 2016)

Lecturer and Teaching Assistant for the Watson School of Biological Science Optics course (CSHL, 2016)

Designed and taught the “Neuroscience boot-camp” for 1st year graduate students (CSHL, 2014 and 2015)

Taught high-school students at the Dolan DNA learning center (CSHL, 2010)

Invited lecture on “How to give a scientific talk” for Research methodology course (TIFR, 2009 and 2010)

Teaching assistant for the Fluorescence Correlation Spectroscopy workshop (TIFR, 2008)

Teaching assistant for the Biostatistics course (TIFR, 2009, 2010)


Math for America, Biobus. (New York, 2017) Lecture on the Use of Microscopy in Neuroscience.


Math for America, Biobus. (New York, 2018) Lecture on Measuring Behavior in the lab.

Biobus. (New York, 2015-2018) Volunteer 

CSHL-Open Day Participant.

TIFR-Open Day , (Mumbai, 2008). Invited to give a talk titled “Ode to the Code(s)” 

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